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At Opinions On Cars, we offer several advertising opportunities. If you have any questions or would like to work with us to set up a different advertising plan, email us at

What are the prices?      

Banner Ads-from $25 per month

Sponsor an Automaker-from $25 per month

For a limited time, we are offering banner ads at just $25 per month. The price is subject to change depending on other factors.  A different advertising opportunity, available to dealerships is the opportunity to  “Sponsor an Automaker”. Lets say you own a BMW dealership. Every time we post an opinion on a BMW, we will advertise your dealership. That means links within the content and banner ads in the article. That also means you get know everyone who sees your ad is interested in what you sell! Starts at just $25 per month. Also, keep in mind that normal prices for ads are not comparable with sites like ours. Our site is focused, meaning that our visitors are likely interested in automotive related products or actions! That means our visitors are potentially far more interested in what you are selling rather than the customers of a non-focused site.

Why Advertise With Opinions On Cars?

At Opinions On cars, we believe a large portion of our visitors are researching/looking at cars. That means (if you are a dealership or manufacturer) you have people wanting your product viewing your advertisement! Also, we offer numerous advertising options. at very low rates.

Flat Rates for Advertising Online? That Never Happens!

That is right, most ads online are based on CPM, CPC or other performance-based pay structures. That is good for advertisers, right? Nope, not unless you have an unlimited budget. Sure, you could end up paying less than you thought, or you could end up paying way more than you thought! By offering flat rates, you know what you will pay. Simple as that.

What Is Opinions On Car’s Target Audience?

Our target audience are people who are interested in buying cars, looking for information about cars or people who are considering purchasing a car. Yes, that means the people who see your advertisement are probably thinking about/in the process of buying a car. That means that you can reach your target audience much easier with us!

What Advertising Sizes are Available?

We provide rectangular and vertical ads.  From 120×600 to 300×300’s, we will accommodate your ad. If you want a size to work with, use any standard banner size, found here. For more information on sizes, contact us at

What About Payments?

All payments will be exchanged via PayPal.

If you would like to advertise with us or have any questions, contact us at We will work with you in order to find the best advertising deal for a reasonable price! We can get your ads running online within 2 days!

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