For the 21st century car buyer, internet research —professional and customer reviews, manufacturer websites, and web forums — are invaluable parts of any search for the right car, but the web has a big downside: information overload. No matter how meticulous you may be, you’re going to receive conflicting advice from people with differing biases of their own, and even test drives of cars on your short list will likely leave doubts in your mind. The Opinions on Cars Team has an uncanny ability to sift through your wants, needs, emotions and conflicting ideas and clear the fog. Their knowledge of cars is extensive and they clearly care about the people who seek their advice. In my search for a sports car, they gave me customized advice that  lifted the clouds over my head and literally saved me a five-figure sum of money…and now I’m going to enjoy my toy with zero regrets. Thank you, Opinions on Cars Team! You’re truly awesome. –Doug W, Pennsylvania