“Rocket Bunny” Scion FR-S by SR Auto Group

We normally do not like these “tuner”-style cars, nor do we like excessive body kits or wings, but somehow SR Auto Group made it work. First of all, the color they used (grey with blue wheels) looks fantastic. Another aspect of the car we like is the industrial- and raw-looking body. With lots stuff added on to the car, it would be easy to make it look tacky, but SR did not. They used what look like rivets to hold together the body, which leads to the raw look of the car. The blue concave wheels (made by PUR) draw attention, but not too much. As for performance, SR added racing coilovers and a sport exhaust, which should at least balance out the performance loss that was obtained by the extra weight of the body kit. The car pictured is the second Rocket Bunny that SR Auto Group has made. Overall, a surprisingly good job.

RB FRS Rocket Bunny FR-S Opinions On Cars



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