2013 Shelby GT350

stangThe Shelby GT350 costs about the same as a brand new Shebly GT500. Despite their similar price, name, and the fact that they are based on the Mustang, they are very different. First, lets talk price. For around $50k, you the Shelby GT350, which includes a Mustang GT upgraded by Shebly America. The ugrade includes pretty much everything: suspension, engine, cosmetic and any other upgrade you can think of. That is without options. Because of the extensive option list and customization opportunities available, most customers pay an incredible $80k! Now, the power. The 5.0 liter V8 is tuned to produce either 525hp or 624hp, depending on whether you want to add a supercharger to your beast or not. As for as cosmetics are concerned, there is a good-looking body kit, some stripes and other small tweaks to improve the looks of the car. Combine all the upgrades together, and you certainly get a great car. Is it worth the price, though? It is hard to say with a car like this. Because it is so rare and because of the amount of followers/fans that Shelby has, it is certainly worth it to them. Others, unfortunately, will just see it as an expensive Mustang. Either way, Carrol Shelby would be proud.

188608 2013-Shelby-GT350-coupe-rear-three-quarter-1024x640 2013-Shelby-GT350-coupe-front-three-quarter-red



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