The hardcore Mini JCW GP is here. It is certainly a driver’s car. It should turn very good times at the track or turn heads on the streets. It is, however, a little expensive. At an incredible $39,950 (yes, you read that right), it is the most expensive MINI ever.

It offers 211hp from its 4-cylider engine, up just 3 horsepower from the standard $30k JCW. The power is sent to the front wheels and the car has a manual transmission. The JCW GP does 0-60 in a not so incredible 6.3 seconds. MINI says that acceleration was not their focus, but handling instead. The new car is stiffer and has upgraded suspension bits which leads to better handling (and a harsher ride). Is it worth the $40k they are asking for it? Maybe. There will only be 2000 of them in the world. However, for the price, you could get a WRX STi, a Camaro 1LE, a Mustang GT or any sport sedan. The people who buy these will probably only be people looking for unique cars, or ones who like MINIs.

2013-mini-cooper-jcw-gp-22 Mini-John-Cooper-Works-GP-interior Mini-John_Cooper_Works_GP_2013_1280x960_wallpaper_021-623x430 2013-mini-john-cooper-works-gp-photo-515804-s-1280x782



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