Chevrolet C6 Corvette

Chevrolet C6 Corvette

The C6 is about to be replaced by the C7. The upcoming C7 Vette is one of the most anticipated cars this year. There are many rumors about it, but we will focus instead on this generation, the C6. More specifically, the base model. The base model is the lowest level of Corvette goodness, with the Grand Sport, ZO6 and ZR1 taking up the higher tiers. The Corvette is very fast, and (as it should be) has RWD. The transmission is (again, as it should be) a manual. All sounds good, right? Well, not exactly. The exterior is certainly getting a little dated. It is not as head-turning as it was when it came out. That is fine though, because it is almost ten years old, and is being replaced soon. One aspect that is not okay is the interior. In a 55k (or more) car, the interior should at least be nice, even if it is a sports car. The Corvette’s, however, is very low grade, borrowing parts from many lower level GM products. It’s main competitor (other compitors include the Lotus Evora, the Boxster/Cayman has a spectacular interior, but falls short on other aspects. The Corvette does have it’s engine going for it. The great American V8 sounds better than the flat-six of its rivals. Handling is good, but falls short of the mid-engined Porsches. Around a track, the Corvette should be faster with experienced driver. The Corvette is a great car that is loved by many Americans. All of its shortcomings are made up for by its engine. Hopefully the upcoming C7 does not have those shortcomings in the first place.2000672231438548622_rschevrolet-corvette-c6-convertible-08



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