Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius

Nothing really needs to be said about the Prius. It is one of the most recognized cars in the country. It’s name is synonymous with saving the earth, fuel economy, and other things. Also, we (car enthusiasts) almost unanimously do not like it. It represents the fall of what we love: fun cars. It is about as boring as you can get. It is used as a status symbol by tree-huggers every where. It represents a move from inefficient, fun cars to electric-4 cylinder hybrids with CVTs. Obviously, it is not a total change, there are still fun cars for us. The Mustang, Charger, Challenger and Camaro all are fun V8 cars for around 30k. Also, the Focus ST, FR-S/BRZ, Genesis Coupe, GTI, Miata and others offer fun for about 25k.However, people ignore these fun beasts and migrate towards the dreadfully boring Prius and other hybrids (of course there are fun hybrids, but those are far and few between). People are starting to (*gasp*) not care about what they drive. Those people buy their cars just to get from A-B. Now that is fine and everything, and they have the right to not care about what they drive (but we will still laugh at them). However, for us, these Prii (plural of “Prius”) will simply not do. What we are trying to say is that those people who view there car as another appliance will find the car perfect because it is cheap, very boring, good fuel economy, and is slow. However for us car enthusiasts, all those factors (except fuel economy, sometimes) are negative. The slow and boring nature of these cars is not okay for us (and it is without a doubt, very acceptable to laugh at the people who drive these). Keep in mind, there are plenty of other cars who are guilty of this crime against fun such as the Leaf, Fortwo, Insight, Versa and many more. The Prius is just the most recognizable and obvious car that fits those characteristics. To conclude, if don’t care about cars (if so, we feel bad for you) then this is a good car for you, but if you do care, then steer clear.

Toasted Prius Boring Prius Red Prius Cheap Prius Interior



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