2014 Mercedes E-class

2014 Mercedes E-class

It is about time! Mercedes finally updated their mid-size sedan. The facelifted E has a refreshed (and much needed) look, as well as some other small updates. The current generation E-class was introduced in 2010, and featured 4 rectangular headlights, which did look “new”, but did not look good. That small but significant styling feature was one the main criticisms of the car. And Merc fixed it. Another interesting styling update is an optional grill that is like the  SL-class’s CLS-class’s or SLS AMG’s in that it has a large 3-pointed star badge in the middle, and no hood ornament, unlike the typical S-class style grill with horizontal bars. Mercedes has released pictures of cars with both grills, so expect to see one style as an option. I have to say the new headlights look great, along with the rest of the car in general. Inside, the car features new safety equipment making the E-class one the safest vehicles on the road today. The powertrain choices are expected to remain basically the same, but a new 248 HP E300 is expected to slot underneath the E350 in the United States. Also, the E63 AMG has not been released yet, but will feature AWD, which is an important milestone in AMG-sedan history. Its main competitors are the 5-series, A6, CTS and GS. The E-class has usually been the most luxurious car in this segment, with the 5-series and A6 being the most sporty. The E-class retains its title as most luxurious, and still is very, very close to the other Germans in terms of sportiness. This update was very much needed, and very well done. Click the jump to see more pictures.

2014-mercedes-benz-e300-bluetec-hybrid-and-e250-wagon-photo-492344-s-520x318 2014-mercedes-benz-e300-bluetec-hybrid-photo-492362-s-520x318 2014-mercedes-benz-e300-bluetec-hybrid-photo-492370-s-520x318 2014-mercedes-benz-e350-4matic-interior-photo-492351-s-520x318 2014-mercedes-benz-e350-4matic-photo-492349-s-520x318


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