Rolls Royce Phantom


One of the best luxury cars on the market today. The Rolls Royce Phantom is by far the best car out there if you want to get chauffeured around. If you want to drive it, then it is still one of the best, but does not have the same dynamics as its competitors. Its main competitor is the Bentley Mulsanne, but that is alot cheaper, and far more driver-focused. The Maybach 62 would be a competitor, but Maybach has been shut down. The Rolls’ exterior is fantastic, and extremely imposing, but it is starting to get a little dated. The interior is, as you would expect, great. Only the finest materials and quality are allowed in this car. The V12 is absolutely silent in the car, and you can only sometimes hear just a little road noises on the roughest of roads. The Phantom is is also available as a Coupe, or Drophead Coupe (convertible) but they are very different than the sedan. Overall the Phantom is a very good luxury car, perhaps the best on the market.



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