Ferrari 599 GTB


The 599 was over-criticized during its position as Ferrari’s flagship V12. It’s styling was the thing that was criticized, and some of it was deserved but most of it was not. Some said it was not as good-looking as the 458, or that it did not stand out enough. Thereupon is a reason for that: not everyone wants to stand out, and if you want a car that is as good-looking as a 458…then get a 458. Despite the conservative nature of the exterior aesthetics, it is still a great-looking car. The 599 was offered also offered as a GTO (faster version) and as the SA Aperta (essentially a convertible version). Everything else about the car is great. The car is really fast, yet comfortable (as a GT car should be). The V12 sounds great, and handling is as you should expect from a Ferrari. The F12 Berlinetta is the car that replaced the 599, and is obviously much better, but with used 599s starting to come up for sale at around $175k, it is a great deal.



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