Hennessy Venom GT2

Hennessy Venom GT2

Hennessy just released a few rendering of its Venom GT2 supercar. The car is a successor new model in addition to the incredible Venom GT. There are very few details right now, and the only detail mechanical-related is that its 7.0 liter twin turbo V8 will be increased to a whopping, Veyron-killing 1,500 HP. One other incredible statistic is that it now has more than 1hp for every kilogram the car weighs. Changes to the aesthetics include a new front fascia, new headlights, dihedral doors (like the MP4-12c), other small styling changes and a “double-bubble roof”. The “double-bubble roof looks like what the name suggests, and is used by the Dodge/SRT Viper and various Zagato designed cars (such as the Zagato GTZ, V12 Zagato and others). These new styling changes are very welcomed, and look incredible. One of the main critisisms of the previous generation was that it looked sort of like a streched Lotus Elise, but this mostly improves that. Overall, this is a great improvement, but details will not come till later this year, so we cannot make any conclusions until then.

The Venom GT2 is not the successor to the Venom GT, instead it will be offered along with the existing car, making it essentially a new/upgraded model, such as the 5 series vs M5 or 599 GTB vs GTO (except on a much larger and exciting scale, obviously). The new car will cost $1.25 million, and will be offered with a dual-clutch transmission, albeit for an extra $165k.



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