Aston Martin One-77

Aston Martin One-77

This car has to be one of the most stunning cars made recently. The One-77 is the extremely limited-edition exotic car made by Aston Martin. As the name suggests, there are 77 One-77’s in existence. The ultra-exclusive car costs anywhere form 1.5-2 million dollars, depending on options. Power comes from a 7.3 liter V12, producing 750 horsepower. 0-60 comes in about 3.5 seconds. Even though it is very powerful and very fast, it is not as fast as its competitors, but that is not a problem. The One-77 does not have any direct competitors, because it is a 1.5 million dollar GT car. All other 7 figure cars are considered sports cars (or exotic-hypercars, if you want. The 918, Venom GT, Veyron, Agera (R) and Huayra are all in its price range. The only car that could be argued as a GT car is the Veyron, but that is more like a in-between GT/supercar rather than a full-blown grand-tourer. The Veyron is more powerful, with its quad-turbo W16 producing 1,001 horsepower. It also has a faster 0-60 time (by almost a second!) and has a faster top speed (not that it matters). The One-77 certainly beats the Veyron on looks and engine sound, but the Veyron has it on interior and practicality, along with speed. The interior of the One-77 is so good, that even though the Veyron’s is better, no owner will be disappointed. Speed is not first priority for these types of cars (that’s what the Venom GT is for). Practicality is not a concern, either, because any one with a enough money to buy one of these will have enough for a Quattroporte or other daily-driver. In terms of experience, the One-77 beats the Veyron because of its outstanding looks, far-above average speed, and engine noise.


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