Audi A4


The Audi A4 is sort of a in-between car. The looks are not as good as the ATS or 3 series, but better than the C-class (the car pictured is the updated 2013 model). The driving experience is better than the C-class, but not nearly as good as the ATS and 3 series. The A4 suffers from a FWD-biased drivetrain, which takes away from the fun. The other cars in it’s class are RWD with optional AWD. The A4 wins in terms of interior, barely edging out the C-class. Overall, I would rank this car third in its class, losing to the ATS and 3 series, but beating the C-class. If you want a good driving experience, then there are better cars in the segment, but if you only care about the interior (or just want a car that is practical in the winter with AWD) then the A4 is your car.



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