Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series


To be honest, I am a little disappointed. Just a little disappointed about one aspect, but disappointed nonetheless. Let’s get what I am disappointed like out of the way first: the exterior. The “normal” SLS is one of the best looking cars made today. I was really looking forward to a super-wide, aggressive body. The Black Series does have a wide-body kit that looks good, just not so dramatically different, like I was excepting. Maybe I am disappointed because of my idea of what I thought it was going to look like, or maybe because it looks a little like an aftermarket body-kit. Even though I am disappointed, it still looks fantastic. Now, the better aspects such as the performance upgrades. Power has been increased to 622 HP, up from 563. 0-60 is said to be 3.6 seconds, but it will likely be in the low threes, because manufacturer stats are generally conservative.The stock exhaust had been replaced with a louder one, and the suspension had been tuned for performance. Competitors include the 911 GT2 (the 997 version is discontinued, but the 991 GT2 is expected to reappear) and the Gallardo Superlegarra. Both of those are track-orientated versions of their “normal” base cars. In my opinion, if you want a car for just track times, then get the 911 GT2 (or if you want to sacrifice fun, then get a GT-R). However, the GT2 does not have the stand-out styling of other cars in that price range, nor does it have the dramatic engine note. If you want a track-focused car that keeps the styling and engine note of “normal” supercar, then the Gallardo Superlegarra is the way to go. The SLS AMG Black Series falls behind the Gallardo with its styling, and the engine note will be great, but instead of the high-pitched wail of the Gallardo, it will likely retain its low, “burble-y” sound. The car will not go on sale for a while, let alone be released to reviewers, so do not expect any SLS Black Series to show up for sale anytime soon. Despite its (somewhat) disappointing exterior, the SLS AMG Black Series makes up for it in the performance upgrades, but we will have to wait and see how exactly it drives until any conclusions can be made.



  1. BMC Sutton Coldfield

    I would really like to try it out – I think every person into cars always wants to know how a car handles despite how it looks. I do have to say, I’m not a fan of it’s shape. It reminds me a little of the 2000s Boxster cars.

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