The BMW X6 created a new segment of vehicles, which has been called names such as: Sports Activity Coupe or a Four-Door Crossover Coupe. Both are long and somewhat odd names to call this cool segement. Since the X6’s release, the only other car built that somewhat resembles it it the Range Rover Evoque, but that is less expensive and much slower. The X6 has a love-or-hate design, which I love. The hunched look combined with the height and overall size of an SUV looks great. On the road, it stands out from all other cars. BMW offers the X6 in the US with an inline-6 (xDrive 35i), a V8 (xDrive 50i) or an even more powerful V8 (X6M). Despite its sporty styling, the X6 does not handle drastically better than a conventional SUV, but it has a noticeable difference. Both Mercedes-Benz and Audi are rumored to introduce a vehicle similar to the X6 that will incorporate the unique styling of the BMW. Those are not rumored to come out for another couple of years, however. For now, the X6 remains in a class all its own.




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