Mercedes G-class

Mercedes G-class

One of the classic off-roaders. The G-class, also known as the G-wagen, is one of the most capable off-road machines available today, but also one of the most expensive. The model pictured is a pre-facelift G55 AMG. The G-class has gone through 2 facelifts since the model current generation was introduced in 2002. The G-class has become popular with celebrities because of its flashy and in-your-face styling. Its closest competitor is the Range Rover. The Range Rover is better in terms of practicality, but the G-class is better in every other way. The new model has a great interior and has a surprisingly good exhaust note. The new model (facelifted version of the one pictured) looks very similar to the one introduced in 2002. Most non car-enthusiasts would not even know the difference. Overall, a very good six figure SUV with great styling and the off-road abilities to back up its looks.



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