Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Honestly, I would never consider one. The Hyundai Genesis Coupe just doesn’t do it for me. The new one looks much better than its predecessor, but other 20-30k sports cars look much better. It is sort of in between the BRZ/FR-S and the pony cars in terms of handling and power. The BRZ/FR-S focuses on handling and on the driving experience, but not on speed (like the Miata). The pony cars sacrifice some driving feel and handling, but make it up in power and in sheer speed. If you want a car that fits between the FR-S/BRZ, then yes, this is the car for you. I, however, would pick either the BRZ/FR-S or one of the pony cars, not a compromise between the two.


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