Cadillac ATS

Cadillac ATS

The game has (partially) changed. Before, the Germans owned the entry-level sport sedan market. Sure, there where others like the G sedan or the Lexus IS, but they were not on par with the 3 series, A4 or the C class. This new ATS, however, changes the game. It looks better than all the other cars in its segment. The 3 series used to be the undisputed king in terms of driving experience. It seems, however, as BMW refined the 3 to make appeal to less “driving-orientated” folks, it lost a bit of its magic. The ATS, however, captures that essential sportiness. Also, the new 3 series looks good, but it is not as good as the ATS. I would have to drive each one first, but from all the reviews, it seems like they are near dead-even. Throw in the ATS’s great looks and interior (forget the complicated CUE interface) and Caddy has really (finally) stepped up its game.


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